• This a list of most frequently asked for repairs and modifications. These prices are a guideline. We offer consultations and advice free of charge. Before the start of your project a price will be agreed on, so you know what to expect. If changes occur during the project execution, we will always contact you before proceeding.


  • All prices are excluding materials, including taxes. If the repair required is not mentioned in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Please note: visits by appointment only.


Action, intonation, neck adjustment
..extra charge floating tremolo


Custom made nut replacement (bone, graphite)
Fret levelling  
...extra charge fingerboard binding  
...extra charge fingerboard levelling
...extra charge compound radius
Fixing broken headstock starting at


Custom made bridge saddle replacement  
Fixing finish dings, scratches, chips, etc. starting at  


Replace pickup
Pickup potting (1/2/3 pu.)
Replace output
Replace pot
Shielding starting at

Prices for installation through f-hole or soundhole upon request


€ 40,-
€ 10,-


€ 45,- 
€ 110,- 
€ 210,-
€ 45,-  
€ 45,-
€ 60,-
€ 50,- 


€ 45,- 
€ 40,- 


€ 25,-
€ 25,-/€ 35,-/€ 45,-
€ 15,- 
€ 20,- 
€ 40,-